Saturday, July 3, 2010

We are a "Featured App" in Google's Market!

What a difference a day makes!  After quietly launching two weeks ago, we were seeing moderate download traffic of about 100 per day for the custom app "SpillMap," and much less for "YodaMap," our general purpose platform app.  In the absence of any marketing, downloads were driven solely by natural search in Google's Market.

SpillMap is easy to understand.  We created an easy to use forum for anyone to share real observations of the Gulf Oil Spill (pictures, video, text, & comments).  It is very useful to know where oil has caused damaged, so it can be addressed by BP and others working to mitigate this disaster.  It's also useful for people to know where beaches are clean.

Yesterday Google added SpillMap to it's list of "Featured Applications."  That means users who go to Google Market see SpillMap in the list of top 15 featured apps! Well, no surprise, our downloads have gone through the roof! We have had over 6,000 downloads in the last 24 hours. What does that mean for SpillMap?  Remember the "network effect?"  The more people that have something meaningful to say, the more the overall value of the app increases for everyone else trying to find out what is really going on.

Hopefully we'll stay a Featured App for a while.  In the Market on your Android phone, look for us in Featured Apps or just search for SpillMap.  On the web, find us at

Thank you for your support,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010